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About Us

About Our Practice

We are a relationship-based dental practice offering exceptional service, technical expertise, compassionate care and a philosophy unlike any other dental practice. 

Dr. John Korolewski, The Dental Health Coach, and his team take the time to listen to your concerns and previous experiences before ever looking at your teeth. We discuss the causes of dental disease and how to avoid the need for future dental repair. We are gentle and use the latest technology to ensure your visits are comfortable. 


  • You have had dental work that doesn’t look natural or hasn’t worked out as you had hoped.
  • You had dental work and now suffer from headaches, jaw pain, neck or back pain.
  • You have been given an extensive treatment plan are unsure if it’s right for you.
  • You want to preserve your “natural teeth”, enhance your smile and preserve or restore a youthful appearance.
  • You are seeking “minimally invasive dentistry” as an alternative a recommendation to have many teeth “crowned”.
  • You are serious about your oral and systemic health.

Why Choose Us

Our Mission

Our Core Values

Our Philosophy


We take the time to understand what you want for yourself, and what you expect of us – something that is lacking in much of healthcare today.

We want you to have the freedom, power and opportunity to choose to be as healthy as you want, rather than reacting to disease as it occurs.

We believe in dental wellness and longevity through customized, individual care.

Our technical expertise is supported by genuine compassion.


Our mission is to maintain dental health and prevent dental disease by listening to our patient’s goals; thoroughly evaluating their condition; and providing information on the benefits of optimal care. The goals of preserving teeth for a lifetime in maximum comfort, function, health and with a natural smile will vary from person to person. Exceptional service, compassionate care, technical expertise and effective communication will be our tools.


Health/Wellness | Compassion | Relationships | Communication | Learning | Honesty | Teamwork


Empowering people to take control of their dental health, stop managing symptoms and prevent chronic illness in the mouth.