Our Core Beliefs About Dental Care

added on: April 22, 2014

The entire Dental Health Coach Team are dedicated to you! We have developed our core beliefs for dental care that we all commit to and live each day and with each patient. We wish to share these beliefs with you:

    • We believe that understanding a patient’s goals, concerns and expectations is as important as understanding their level of health.


    • We believe it is our role to help patients understand the difference between dental health and dental disease.


    • We believe that moving towards health has greater rewards than moving away from disease. We also believe that what “health” will vary from patient to patient, based on their values, needs, wants and beliefs.


    • We believe that without preventive or corrective care, oral health breaks down over time.


    • We believe that dental disease is controllable, but not curable.


    • We believe in presenting patients with the truth about their disease, its implications and the benefits of good dental health. It is up to them to act, without coercion or manipulation by us.


  • We will not care more for the teeth of any patient than they care for themselves. Patients can choose health, and its consequences; they can also choose disease, and its consequences.