Dental Insurance: Not Really Insurance, it’s a Coupon

added on: December 5, 2015

1. Dental insurance does not meet the definition of insurance, like auto, health, life, etc. –However, it is a coupon—maybe a $1000.00 coupon maybe a $2000.00 coupon.

2. It’s great your employer offers a coupon to his or her employees—many employers do not offer dental coupons so the fact that they did is a nice employee benefit.

3. Your employer may change coupons from year to year. The trend has been to issue coupons of lesser value at a greater cost.

4. Coupons usage is on a yearly basis however sometimes due to the complex nature of treatments, we know you would like to use a coupon now but you can’t due to time restriction. Coupons are on a timed basis.

5. Coupons can be used on some items and not on others. Check your coupon and make sure you can use it on a treatment that we recommend.

6. We can verify for you but it is your responsibility to get only those benefits your coupon affords. Our responsibility is to help you discover what your dental health needs are. You need to decide if we are the right people for your problems, whether or not this is the right time, and how we can best help you find out how you can make your investment in your oral health.

7. If a coupon is going to limit the amount of treatment we offer you, then it may also limit the ability of treatment to help you gain dental health and independence from future dental problems.

8. It is wise to make sure you use all of the coupon you are entitled to as long as we are responsible in how we use the coupon. We shouldn’t prescribe unnecessary treatment just because you have a coupon.

9. We don’t accept every coupon. Some are very limited in their scope. Some are so limited in scope that they aren’t even coupons.

10. Sometimes it is better to pay full price and save a coupon for something or someone else who the coupon may help.

By John M. Korolewski, D.D.S.

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