Dr. John Is Your Dental Health Advocate

added on: August 15, 2013


Patient advocacy is supporting and empowering patients to make informed decisions, navigate the system to get the health care they need, build strong partnerships with providers while working towards system improvement to
support patient-centered care. Patient advocates are dedicated first and foremost to the well-being of the patients they serve.

Our role is as your dental health advocate.

Our primary purpose is to serve you, our patients.

We believe that when treated with dignity and respect and given the correct information about dental health and dental disease, people can make the right choices for themselves.

Our role as your advocate is to understand your goals and concerns; understand your current condition; and help you navigate the “world of dentistry” to get what you want and need for yourself.

This is done without manipulation or coercion – we have no agenda and nothing to sell you. We support and guide you towards your goal of dental health, whatever that may look like to you.