How to Free Your Smile from Decay and Disease

added on: November 11, 2019
kids brushing their teeth

In honor of the first day of this month being “National Brush Day,” your holistic dentist in Sheboygan thought it might be a good time to talk teeth, or better yet, the causes of decay and the importance of having good oral hygiene at home.

The Basics of Brushing

Tooth decay doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to anyone at any age. In fact, tooth decay is the biggest disease that affects American children. One of the biggest ways to ward off decay, (besides seeing your dentist regularly) is to make sure you’re brushing like a boss. Here are a few tips courtesy of your Sheboygan holistic dentist and

– 1) Toothbrushes should always be used at a 45-degree angle to your gums

– 2) Move the brush gently, in small circles

– 3) Make sure you get all of the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces of your teeth

– 4) Brushing your front teeth is easy when you do it vertically with short, up and down strokes

– 5) Give your tongue a brush too, it helps to remove bacteria and freshen your breath

– 6) Remember to brush for two minutes, twice a day

What Causes Tooth Decay?

Did you ever stop to think about how much we ask of our teeth throughout our lives? They’re subjected to all kinds of foods, beverages, grinding, clenching, etc. Over time, your teeth might begin to wear or even break down due to this exposure and dental decay (the most significant cause of tooth damage and the most common disease found in humans.) Dental plaque is the biggest cause of tooth decay. 

Your holistic dentist in Sheboygan uses minimally invasive restorative dentistry when your teeth need to be rebuilt. He can use a combination of direct or indirect restorative materials. He’ll be on the lookout for some of these conditions in your mouth that will benefit from restorative dental care:

– Cavities or decay

– Old, failing fillings

– Worn down teeth from grinding and clenching

– Eroded enamel and tooth structure due to acids in our body and foods

– Fillings that are too large for your teeth

– Cracked, broken teeth and fillings

How Can We Help You

As a practitioner of BioRejuvenation dentistry, Dr. Korolewski will diagnose what’s causing your tooth wear and other issues with your bite, rather than just treating the symptoms or just fixing your teeth. The BioRejuvenation process will restore your damaged or broken teeth to their original, naturally healthy state. You’ll enjoy optimized oral health in both function and appearance. There’s even better news too! By choosing a BioRejuvenation dentist in Sheboygan to help your smile, you’re dramatically reducing your chances for needing more restorative work in the future. Welcome to a more comprehensive and proactive approach to your dental health. 

If your smile does need some dental work, take comfort in knowing we use the most biocompatible and durable materials available in dentistry today. We only recommend conservative, minimally invasive restorations using durable, custom-colored composite resin. Porcelain crowns and partial crowns can even be completed in just one office visit using state-of-the-art CEREC technology!

Are you ready to talk to Dr. Korolewski about your teeth? You can call our Sheboygan dental office today to set up a no-obligation consultation. We’re proud to be a relationship-based practice where Dr. Korolewski is your Dental Health Coach. Everyone in our office will always take the time to listen to your concerns, discuss the causes of dental diseases, and how to avoid the need for dental repair in the future. Everything we do is done with a gentle touch, compassion, and the latest cutting-edge dental technology. Talk to us today about how we can help you and your smile!