Testimonial by Kristi Vogel

When I was nine, I had a bicycle accident and my mouth hit the handlebars of the bike.  One of my front teeth broke off.  I had a cap attached to that tooth.  Although, it never gave me any trouble, it was always a slightly different color that my natural teeth. I was self-conscious about it and learned to smile with my mouth closed.  Most of my wedding pictures can serve as proof of this.

At the beginning of the rejuvenation process, Dr. Korolewski sat down with me and explained what he thought was happening with my teeth.  He showed me x-rays of my teeth from years ago compared to a year ago.  They had definitely decreased in size due the grinding and clenching.  It was easy to see that if I did nothing, my teeth would not last another 30+ years.  He gave me alternative solutions; I could consider braces or this procedure.  I decided on rejuvenation dentistry.

During the entire process, Dr. Korolewski kept me informed of each step.  He reiterated that I should ask if I had any questions.  He made sure that I did not leave with any unanswered questions.  It was evident that he, Mary and Becky had reviewed my personal situation and determined what would work best for me.  I don’t want to compare it to a surgery, but I could tell each of them had a role and knew when it needed to be performed.  Although the procedure was lengthy, it went very smoothly and I am satisfied with the rejuvenation procedure.

I also decided on the rejuvenation process because I was experiencing jaw pain due to grinding my teeth at night and clenching them during the day.  The night guard I wore helped with the grinding, but during the day I clenched my jaw without even realizing it.  Since the procedure, I have had less pain and headaches. Having the rejuvenation dentistry allowed me to regain some of my confidence.  I have noticed in recent pictures that I now am not afraid to show my teeth.  When I speak to people, I can concentrate on the conversation rather than wondering if they notice the cap.