Sleep Apnea Dentistry

Are You Tired of Being Tired?

Snoring. It’s something that you’re doing, and yet you may not even realize it is keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep, every night. Could that be why you feel so worn out every day, even though you felt as if you slept through the night? Snoring is bad for you; it isn’t only bad for your bed partner! It’s also a serious sign of sleep apnea and can lead to significant health problems elsewhere in your body — even permanent sleep!

No One Should Have to Live Like This!

Stop Not Knowing

Why do you feel sleepy all the time? It could be because of sleep apnea, snoring, or trouble with your CPAP. We understand what it’s like to be stuck in a cycle of bad sleep. We’re here to help end it. All you have to do is sit down and talk with your Sheboygan dentist. It’s time you had the right sleep apnea treatment, with the right doctor, with the proper training, and the very best technology.

Start Making a Change

Did you know a dentist can help manage your sleep apnea? It seems strange, but who else knows the mouth you breathe through best? You don’t need to keep wasting your savings on annoying trips to specialists, more tests, treatments that don’t work, and expensive (sometimes addictive) medications. It’s time you find a solution to stop your snoring or sleepless nights. (We want you to keep more of your money and enjoy everyday feeling refreshed.)

Find a New Way to Live Life

Sleep apnea causes you to wake up and stop breathing all night long, maybe even hundreds of times. Your CPAP machine is bulky, uncomfortable, and kind of loud. These issues can make sleeping and going about your daily routine challanging. That’s no way to sleep, and it’s no way to live. You deserve to relax and have snore-free nights.

Vivos Treatment for Children

Quality sleep is vital for a child’s growth and development. Children with compromised airways from a lack of upper and lower jaw development may have trouble sleeping, as well as other issues like mouth breathing, ADD/ADHD, allergies and crowded teeth. The Vivos System helps to improve a child’s breathing by widening the upper arch and nasal passages without surgery or medications.

Your child will likely wear the custom Vivos appliance at night for 12 to 24 months. Benefits include better sleep and breathing and improved focus and concentration. Another potential benefit is a straighter smile. The need for braces may be eliminated because the Vivos appliance naturally straightens teeth through the process. A win, win for both you and your child!

The Vivos System for Adults

The Vivos System is a revolutionary approach to treat sleep apnea with no CPAP machine or surgery involved. The process is simple. We will develop a diagnosis and treatment plan and custom fit you for a Vivos appliance. You will wear that appliance, likely at night, for 12 to 24 months to expand your upper arch and airway. We will document your progress along the way and adjust your treatment plan accordingly. This can provide you permanent relief from sleep apnea, leaving you feeling better rested and improving your mood.


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The Benefits

What kind of benefits can you expect from receiving sleep apnea treatment at The Dental Health Coach? How about not having to wait past your appointment time? We value your time and strive to get you in for your visit on time! Financial options are also key when choosing your care. We file insurance for our sleep apnea treatments, and we also offer 3rd party financing to help make this treatment within reach! Finally, this exceptional care is available at the Sheboygan dental office you trust!

Do you know where you fall on the Epworth Sleepiness Scale? Download this easy to follow chart to see what your sleep quality is actually like!

Are you curious about some of the treatment options The Dental Health Coach offers to help with Sleep Apnea? Download our Brochure to learn more about Oral Appliance Therapy and how it can change the way you sleep!


Real-Life Success Story for One of Our Patients Living with Sleep Apnea!

4 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Help with Your Sleep Apnea!

  1. Schedule your consultation online today!
  2. Come in for a non-invasive exam to see if you need a sleep study.
  3. Review the sleep apnea treatments that are right for you.
  4. Come back for your custom oral appliance. Stop snoring and start living!

Wake Up and Feel Like Yourself Again!

Feeling like a zombie every day because of your snoring is bad for you and the people who care about you. You’re only increasing your risk for more significant health issues down the road. This is the day you decide to get healthy, stop snoring, sleep with your bed partner, and maybe give up your uncomfortable CPAP for good. We take snoring seriously, and so should you. Let us help.

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Sleep Apnea New Patient Forms:

If you are a new patient for sleep apnea treatment, you can find your sleep apnea related patient forms by visiting this link.