New TMJ Patients

Dear New TMJ Patient,

You most likely arrived at this page because you are having a problem that someone called “TMJ” and it is affecting the quality of your day to day life. You have been to your physician, chiropractor, general dentist, massage therapist, neurologist, ear-nose-throat doctor, etc.  You have been using medications, ice, soft diet and perhaps over-the-counter bite guards. You may have even considered Botox injections or other invasive treatments. And yet you are still having pain to chewing some of the foods you like; headaches; clicking or locking in your jaw joints; pain in your jaws, face, or neck; teeth grinding, clenching; worn down teeth; a pattern of broken teeth; even dizziness, ear pain or stuffy ears.

You’ve come to the right place – we can help. We have been successfully treating TMJ related problems for over 20 years – many who had been “falling through the cracks” in the medical system until they got to us.

We will address the cause of your TMJ issue, rather than just manage your symptoms. Our approach is minimally invasive and based on restoring your chewing system to how it was designed to function.

Please click on the New TMJ Patient portal below to begin your new patient forms. Call us today for a 60 minute appointment where we will listen to your concerns; teach you what a healthy TMJ and chewing system looks like; provide a thorough examination and diagnosis of your problem; and help you see the path back to comfort and health.

New TMJ Patient Portal

For your convenience, please Click Here to Visit our TMJ Patient Portal

TMJ Assessment Form

Take this free and easy TMJ assessment to see if you may have TMJ or unstable joint? We created this form so that you could quickly and easily evaluate if TMJ may be causing you any unnecessary pain or jaw difficulties. You will need Acrobat Reader, which is a free software program available by clicking here.
Click here to download the form.

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