Second Opinion

Why get a second opinion?

A patient has rights and one of your most important rights is the ability to get a second opinion about your diagnosis. A second opinion means you are consulting with another doctor to confirm a diagnosis and/or find possible different treatment choices available to you.

We recently saw a woman who has been suffering from facial and jaw pain for many years. She saw her primary physician, who referred her to a Neurologist. The Neurologist did a CT scan of her brain, and placed her on a drug for nerve pain for two years, with no relief. As she developed ear pain, she saw an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor, who suspected she may have TMJ issues, as her ears were normal. He referred her to a Chiropractor and to our office. She saw the Chiropractor first and got no relief from several adjustments. Next, she went to see her General Dentist, who told her she did not have TMJ. Finally, she came to our office, where we in fact diagnosed TMJ, and began therapy to help her feel better.

Sound familiar?

You should call us for a Second Opinion IF:

  • You have pain in your face, jaw, neck, or headaches and have been from Doctor to Doctor without any relief.
  • You had dental work and now suffer from headaches, jaw pain, neck pain or sore teeth.
  • You have been given an extensive treatment plan are unsure if it’s right for you.
  • You want to preserve your “natural teeth”, enhance your smile and preserve or restore a youthful appearance.
  • You are seeking “minimally invasive dentistry” as an alternative to a recommendation to have many teeth “crowned.”
  • You would like to have your mercury amalgam fillings removed safely.
  • You are serious about your oral and systemic health.