Snoring Apps: Research and Reviews

added on: March 27, 2019

Dr. Korolewski is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, currently on track to be Board certified during 2019.  He works with local Sleep Physicians to help manage Sleep Apnea from his Sheboygan dental office.

Snoring may be a sign of a more serious condition known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is characterized by multiple episodes of breathing pauses greater than 10 seconds at a time, due to upper airway narrowing or collapse.  This article from the website of the American Sleep Association discusses snoring apps you can use on your smartphone at night to help you discover how loud and often you may snore:

Anti Snoring Apps – Research & Reviews

There are apps now for just about everything, including apps that can analyze snoring. These snoring apps can record your snores, play it back, and even rate the severity. Why do this? First of all, if you are unaware that you snore, you may need to hear it for yourself to know that you do. These apps also give you an idea of how severe the snoring actually is. But it can also compare each night of snoring, letting you test the effectiveness of certain treatments and see how factors such as medications, alcohol or caffeine, for example, impact snoring.

It’s important to get to the reason behind the snoring to make sure it’s not a medical condition, such as sleep apnea. Snoring is not always serious, but it can be, and can also lead to more serious health conditions in the future if not treated. Using snoring apps may be able to help you find a solution to less serious snoring such as a snoring mouthpiece, or give you a reason to see a healthcare professional for a treatment plan.

Do you snore? Even if you’re not sure, there’s a snoring app for that.

With multiple snoring apps out there for iPhone and Android, it can be difficult to decide which one to try. The good news is, many of them have a free version you can test out for yourself before you decide to upgrade.

Snore and Sleep App Reviews

Here is a list and reviews of some of many snoring apps on the market:

Snore Report

snore lab app

snore reportThis snoring app is a free app available on iOS devices that monitors snoring. Snore Report records throughout the night to detect any snoring sounds. In the morning, the app provides an overview of the previous night’s recording. Users are provided with an audio playback and a Snore Score, an index of snoring intensity. A higher Snore Score suggests greater snoring severity. Snore Report offers a dynamic snore detection algorithm that offers greater accuracy for detecting snoring. The app analyzes sound frequencies rather than decibel levels to recognize common snoring patterns. Users are able to add remedies or factors that may impact the quality of their sleep into the app before going to sleep. Over time, users can review what factors have impacted their snoring and make the necessary adjustments, or if a specific therapy or medical intervention might be warranted.  

Snore Report also offers FitBit compatibility to monitor heart rate. Heart rate data recorded from eligible FitBit devices can be read by Snore Report to view correlations between snoring intensity and heart rate.

Although Snore Report may be used as an initial assessment for snoring, the app should never be used as a substitute for a professional sleep study. Users who believe they may have sleep apnea should contact their physician immediately.

Snore Lab

This is rated high among snore apps. There is a free version and it allows you to record, measure, and track your snoring, allowing you to discover ways to treat and reduce it. It’s easy to use; just set it next to your bed while you sleep and see your results in the morning. It records samples, gives you a score for the intensity of your snoring, records sleep statistics, and also provides information about snoring remedies. The free version is a good way to trial this app, however, after three sessions it will no longer run for two consecutive nights without upgrading. The full version is $6.99 and offers more recordings, no ads, unlimited usage, comparison charts, and a full history compared to the three-night history the free version offers. This snoring app also offers nature sounds to help you sleep.

Snore Control

This snoring app, also offering a free version, records snoring and talking at night, and either adds to statistics or activates the “stop snoring”
function which, on the iPhone quiets you down with a sound or vibration. By using the tracking data, this app can help you find out which
factors contribute to your snoring. This app allows you to record only snoring and also allows you to adjust the sound sensitivity according to the sound conditions in your room. The free version has limitations on the “stop snoring” function, ability to play back recordings, and full-screen charts. To fully use all of the benefits, you will need to upgrade to the full version for $2.99.

Snore Report

This app claims to accurately distinguish differences between snoring and other sounds in the room. Like other snore apps, it offers audio playback and the ability to compare data. It also measures the severity of snoring with a score. This snoring app is free to use and does not offer an upgrade option at this time.

Sleep Talk and Snore Recorder

This $1.99 snoring app claims it can help you find out if you snore or talk in your sleep, and can even help you discover if you sleep walk, grind your teeth, or groan. This is not an ongoing recording during your sleep but is only recorded when the sensing technology detects a sound that reaches a sensitivity level of your choice. You are able to go back to previous nights and compare data.


This snoring app is $3.99 and records your whole night, letting you find out if you snore, if your partner does, or if anything disrupts your sleep. This app also allows you to check the effectiveness of snoring remedies and shows charts for you to evaluate snoring. It records up to 11 hours and stops recording if your phone reaches low battery.

MotionX 24/7

MotionX 24/7. This $.99 app is highly rated and its sleep-tracker technology is claimed to be within 95 percent accuracy of professional sleep monitors used in clinics. Like the other apps, recordings are taken of snoring and other sounds throughout the night. But this app claims it can wake you up at an optimal time by analyzing your sleep patterns throughout the night. It also monitors your daily activity level, along with your heart rate and body weight.

Some options to reduce or eliminate snoring include stop snoring mouthpiece and anti-snoring devices and other snoring options.

With about half of the adult population snoring during sleep, wouldn’t it be nice to know if you are part of the 50%? With these snoring apps, now you can find out.

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