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I was referred to Dr. Korolewski by my son Dale who is a current patient. I am very happy with the care that I receive from Dr. Korolewski. He is a gentle man with a very nice and kind personality. He is knowledgeable about the proper care and treatment for Seniors, which is important to me and I appreciate very much. I know that he spends the proper amount of time advancing his knowledge with continuing education. The staff is wonderful and welcoming when you arrive at the office. I am happy to recommend Dr. Korolewski and the team to anyone that is looking for a gentle and caring dental team.

Elizabeth Sabrowsky

I am a very satisfied patient of Dr. Korolewski. He is a knowledgeable Dentist with a down to earth personality. I have had a lot of work done to restore my dental health. He is gentle in his approach and always takes the extra time to help explain the procedures to ensure that I am comfortable before we proceed. He remains conscientious of my comfort level during procedures and frequently checks in to ensure I am doing okay. I have enjoyed getting to know Dr. Korolewski on a personal level, sharing an interest in cars and gardening. I appreciate that he keeps up on continuing education in order to learn about the latest in treatments to benefit his patients. His assistants are very nice, friendly and helpful. I highly recommend him and his staff.

Dan Beyer

When I was nine, I had a bicycle accident and my mouth hit the handlebars of the bike. One of my front teeth broke off. I had a cap attached to that tooth. Although, it never gave me any trouble, it was always a slightly different color that my natural teeth. I was self-conscious about it and learned to smile with my mouth closed. Most of my wedding pictures can serve as proof of this.

At the beginning of the rejuvenation process, Dr. Korolewski sat down with me and explained what he thought was happening with my teeth. He showed me x-rays of my teeth from years ago compared to a year ago. They had definitely decreased in size due the grinding and clenching. It was easy to see that if I did nothing, my teeth would not last another 30+ years. He gave me alternative solutions; I could consider braces or this procedure. I decided on the rejuvenation dentistry. During the entire process, Dr. Korolewski kept me informed of each step. He reiterated that I should ask if I had any questions. He made sure that I did not leave with any unanswered questions. It was evident that he, Mary and Becky had reviewed my personal situation and determined what would work best for me. I don’t want to compare it to a surgery, but I could tell each of them had a role and knew when it needed to be performed. Although the procedure was lengthy, it went very smoothly and I am satisfied with the rejuvenation procedure.

I also decided on the rejuvenation process because I was experiencing jaw pain due to grinding my teeth at night and clenching them during the day. The night guard I wore helped with the grinding, but during the day I clenched my jaw without even realizing it. Since the procedure, I have had less pain and headaches.

Having the rejuvenation dentistry allowed me to regain some of my confidence. I have noticed in recent pictures that I now am not afraid to show my teeth. When I speak to people, I can concentrate on the conversation rather than wondering if they notice the cap.

Kristi Vogel

Dr. Korolewski is a great Dentist and a very caring man. I refer everyone I know to his office because I have the utmost trust in him and his dental staff. I was referred to Dr. Korolewski by another TMJ Dentist. I was in excruciating pain and he was able to create a mouth piece for me to help take the edge off the pain. He knew exactly what to do, his treatment plan was straight forward and he explained every step of the process. Dr. Korolewski takes a genuine interest in his patients. He treats you like a human being with a high level of care and understanding. I also really like his sense of humor. The staff make you feel like a family member when you arrive, they are all very nice and sweet and extend a warm greeting.

Linda Bertram

For 3 years now, I drive over 100 miles to get my dental care from Dr. Korolewski. He is an amazing Dentist! What I appreciate most about Dr. Korolewski is that he didn’t shame me for having missed many years of dental care. He was incredibly understanding about it and he just wanted to be there for me to get a fresh start on getting the care I needed. I am grateful for the fact that he was upfront about what needed to be done and that he did it in such a caring and compassionate manner. I like his friendly and pleasant demeanor. The office is a modern and comfortable. The staff always makes me feel right at home during my visit. Mary is also wonderful, she has an upbeat and outgoing personality and I enjoy seeing her during my appointments. It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial of my experience with Dr. Korolewski and his team. They are wonderful people.

Sandy Lienau

Dr. Korolewski truly has a passion for treating patients with TMJ. He is someone that will listen to you, care for you, and validate your concerns with his extensive knowledge of treating complex TMJ cases. I was referred to Dr. Korolewski by another Dentist. I had the same splint for 25 years and in December 2014, I went to see Dr. Korolewski and he agreed it was time to get a new one. He built me a custom splint that I am very happy with today. The splint changes he made for me over 6-months in 2015 were not minor adjustments. It was weekly visits for 6-months and they worked diligently until he got it right. My issues are very complex and the time he and Mary spent with me over a course of 6-months was way over the top of what a patient would expect. My TMJ symptoms were debilitating including headaches, inability to chew properly and eat certain foods, and daily chronic pain. I feel like Dr. Korolewski has given me quality of life back. Mary, his dental assistant is fabulous, gentle, and a very caring person with a “can do” attitude. The staff always make me feel comfortable and valued. If you have been suffering with TMJ pain, please don’t suffer any longer, go see Dr. Korolewski. He will tow the line and stay on the journey with you. He is a trusted partner no matter how complicated you think your situation may be.

Renae Grahn

I have been a patient of Dr. Korolewski since 2009. Dr. Korolewski is a caring and gentle person with an empathetic spirit. I have had a significant amount of complex dental issues, including bridge work and dental implants and I am very satisfied with everything he has done for me. Dr. Korolewski is incredibly precise in the amount of novocaine to give me and his treatments are painless. I appreciate how thorough and honest he is in explaining the treatments and the journey we would be taking together to make it all happen. There were never any surprises. He has gone above and beyond to help accommodate the timing and finances of my treatments. His communication style is comforting and supportive and he takes a genuine interest in his patients. The staff are all wonderfully pleasant and friendly, they always greet me by name and make me feel right at home.

Kaye Hau