TMJ Update

added on: March 28, 2013

Bite:TMJ issuesDr. John attended a seminar and workshop in Green Bay entitled “Implementing Occlusal Principles in Everyday Dentistry.”

The jaw joint and the teeth form the foundation for how we chew. Dr. Jim McKee, who presented at this workshop, is a nationally recognized expert on how jaw joint changes can lead to bite changes; bite changes can lead to teeth problems and muscle pain.

Understanding these concepts helps us evaluate patients with the following issues: TMJ pain; changes in how teeth fit together; trauma from car or sports accidents; and healthy patients who require everyday dentistry.

Dr. John has provided care for TMJ problems and complex dental issues for many years with successful results.

Meet Jennifer V., she shares her experience partnering with Dr. John for TMJ related issues.

Dr. John is dedicated to the health of his patients and continues to broaden his knowledge base on TMJ and TMJ related issues to provide the best care possible.

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