What is a Dental Fitness Program?

added on: May 31, 2013

Our Dental Fitness Program is a computerized program that helps our patients prevent disease, preserve health and reduce dental repair costs.

Most of our patients have experienced this program at their recent preventive care visits with our hygienists Gina and Kathy.

Gum disease is the prime cause of loss of teeth in adults. DECAY is a childhood disease that stops around the age of 20. From that time forward, the bacteria that form in our mouths are more involved with producing GUM DISEASE than any other dental problem for adults.

The Dental Fitness Program enables our patients to know the EXACT cause of dental disease and monitors each patient’s HEALTH.

Dental plaque is the primary initiator of both gum disease and dental decay. Bleeding gums indicates the presence of infection due to the presence of plaque.


We keep a computerized score of the percentages of teeth without plaque and the percentages of gums that don’t bleed so our patients know how healthy they are and which areas may need improvement. We also measure the depth of the sulcus (pocket) between the tooth and gum, which gives our patients a measure of their Periodontal Fitness.

Our DENTAL FITNESS REPORT is a communication tool. It gives our team an objective manner to evaluate our patient’s present dental condition and offers our patients this information in a useful manner. What our patients do with this information is their CHOICE.

Dr. John’s goal is to be THOROUGH and OBJECTIVE. Our ethical integrity says we must be thorough in our evaluation and be truthful as to the benefits of the treatment but also be direct and honest regarding problems associated with patient neglect.

This program is based on health and prevention, giving our patients the knowledge to control dental disease.

The benefits include:

  • Lower dental repair costs
  • Protect and preserve dental health
  • Minimize pain and discomfort
  • Control dental disease
  • Eliminate fear of going to the dentist
  • Focus on health, not disease

For more information and to get started with the Dental Fitness Program, contact us.