Worn Down Teeth? BioRejuvenation Can Help!

added on: October 3, 2019
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You might see the term “BioRejuvenation” dentistry and wonder what in the world does that mean? The truth is: there’s so much to love and benefit from this type of dental medicine that you’ll want to take a few minutes and read about what it is and how it’s used. 

But before we get into all of that, your Sheboygan holistic dentist wants to talk about your tooth wear, what it means, and how we can make your smile whole again.

My Teeth Are Breaking Down and Worn. Should I Be Concerned?

Any time you have a tooth or teeth that’s decaying or deteriorating, you’ll want to have it checked out right away. We are in the business of saving and preserving as much or as many of your natural teeth as possible. The earlier you come to our holistic dental office in Sheboygan for a checkup and x-rays, the better we can understand your case and your concerns.

There are a few reasons why our oral health can deteriorate:

– Unstable TMJ

– Misaligned bite/crooked teeth

– Sleep Disordered Breathing, such as Sleep Apnea or Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome

– Poor oral hygiene habits

– Side effects from medications

– Underlying illness or health issues

– Breakage due to time and wear and tear

– Trauma or an accident

– Failing fillings or other dental restorations

If you have a tooth or even multiple teeth that are causing you discomfort, please talk to us as soon as possible. You’ll never have to worry about feeling embarrassed by or ashamed of how your smile looks. We’ve seen it all, which means there’s nothing we can’t fix or improve!

Your BioRejuvenation Cheat Sheet

So, now we know how broken or worn teeth happen, but how do we fix them? The resounding answer from your holistic dentist in Sheboygan will be BioRejuvenation dentistry. Forget what you know about traditional dentistry! Gone are the days of managing dental disease, leaving you going from doctor to doctor for relief from accompanying issues such as headaches, jaw discomfort, and ear pain. We’re looking at you as a whole person, not just a set of teeth. We want you to enjoy optimal oral and overall health. 

BioRejuvenation Dentistry replicates the forms and functions found in natural dental biology. It’s based on a conservative approach to taking care of your smile using highly detailed comparative studies of your teeth and jaw position. It’s about more than just fixing a failing tooth. We want to figure out why it failed so that it’s never an issue again in the future. As one of Sheboygan’s most trusted holistic dentists, Dr. Korolewski believed in BioRejuvenation so much that he recently spent one month at the Texas Center for Occlusal Studies learning more so he can better serve patients like you. In the few years that have passed since this training, Dr. Korolewski has already helped many patients gain a new lease on life by eliminating both oral and chronic health problems that have bothered them for years. 

How Can BioRejuvenation Help Me?

Although BioRejuvenation dentistry is still relatively new in theory, it’s based on universal biological principles of how chewing works and what functions shape it. You’ll experience a kind of dentistry that’s more in-depth and specifically designed to improve jaw stability while ensuring your TMJ muscles are relaxed, so that your teeth stop breaking or wearing down. 

You won’t get the old-school kind of care where your dentist is just treating symptoms. Your Sheboygan holistic dentist is diagnosing your chewing system as a whole, focusing on restoring teeth to their original shape and function. As a result you get:

– Improved aesthetics

– Better overall functionality

– Long-term, completely optimal oral health

We feel privileged to offer BioRejuvenation dentistry as a truly life-changing treatment for our patients. If you’re ready to talk to us and learn more, make today the day you reach out to us. You can give us a call during regular business hours or even send us a note via our website. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Korolewski and find out if BioRejuvenation can transform your smile and your life! Let us be your dental health coach.